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The Path to Sustainable Future

Whether they are novices starting out in plant cloning or experienced commercial cultivators, almost all will demand propagation solutions that are easy and high-yielding.

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Better for Farmers - Better for the Planet

We started from a need to propagate our plants in a more precise, reliable way.

Two guys in a cold, empty warehouse built a floral cloning machine so useful that friends started asking for one.

In response to owerwhelming requests for our services, these growers decided to establish a business with the aim of mass producing their plant cloning machine.

We are successful today in what we do because we were our first customers.

Innovation - Driven Solutions

In 2010 two persons with totaly different backgrounds became roommates and started growing in their garage as hobbyists.

Broom Tec. Co-Founder, Kim, began his career as a entrepreneur in the internetboom time. And acquired a digitalnomad lifestyle. Meanwhile, during the same time, his friend working as a scientist in one of the "Big Pharma" actors with novel drug discovery projects methods & development.
Structural chemistry, biology & biophysics exploitation. Both were starting out and channeled their creative skills into growing and propagating.

Powered Agriculture

Growing was a wonderful creative outlet for both men but they soon realized there were a lot of issues with the conventional methods of plant cloning.

Kim engaged himself in the art of cloning and experimental germination with both hydroponics and aeroponics methods.

His friend scanned the databases trying to find everything he could get his hands on to learn about plant propagation and PGR's.

At the same time, Kim also frequented visited a local Hydroponics store, and after a few complaints about the lack of mechanical connectivity of some machines, the woman behind the counter offered Kim a job.

He refused at first but then decided to take it to learn more about growing.

Next Generation Technologies

After months working at the hydroponics store and hearing fellow growers voice their growing, germination and propagating problems, Kim quickly learned that plant propagating was one of the most difficult aspects of growing for the majority of the customers.

This led to the proverbial “aha” moment when a lightbulb went off and the two friends decided to start a business to solve this problem.

Kim engineered the first CLONE Pro machine that could help growers easily clone their plants. Word quickly got out and the rest, as they say, is HIStory.


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Kim and Broom met.




We started playing aroud, with different knowleges.


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